Whether you are just starting out as an owner builder or whether you are large construction or design firm, we can help you to achieve your building goals.

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About Simple Permits

At Simple Permits we believe in providing a quality comprehensive building surveying and consultancy service for all our clients and their property needs.


In Australia, a Building Surveyor is a professional who is tasked with understanding the building control process. A Building Surveyor has the authority to assess building plans to ensure that they comply with the Building Code of Australia, the Australian Standards referenced within it and any other relevant Building Acts or other legislation or requirements of the jurisdiction the building is in. Building Surveyors are either private or municipal.


Building Surveyors have an impact on the design, planning and functionality of buildings as part of their responsibility to ensure that buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient. A Building Surveyor is involved for the length of a building project, from the start until the end, and conduct inspections in order to sign off on every stage of the construction. Only one Building Surveyor can be appointed to a building project, and at the end of the building work it is the responsibility of the Building Surveyor to issue the occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection.


In addition, a Building Surveyor can also conduct inspections for a variety of reasons, such as compliance audits for insurance or dilapidation reports.


Our commitment to combine our continued building surveying professional development, quality assured systems, broad property sector experience and our personal service ensures that our clients receive the maximum return on their consultancy services investment.


We make it our priority to assist you with your specific requirements for all manner of construction projects from start to finish by ensuring that we have the necessary building surveying qualifications and experience needed to assess all manner of building surveying matters from building permits, occupancy permits, building inspections, building audits, fire safety engineered performance-based alternative solutions, etc. Please click on ‘Our Services’ tab to see more.


Mr Frank D'Aquila is the Director and Senior Building Surveyor who oversees all projects ensuring the best quality outcomes are obtained for the applicant. He has been systematically involved within the building industry for over 25 years working at various high ranking building surveying firms within the industry. Frank’s passion stems from his attention to detail, foregoing work ethics and experience and persistence to achieve the right outcome for his clients.


Ongoing legislation changes within Victoria can make obtaining a building permit quite complicated and daunting. At Simple Permits we understand this and that’s why we strive to try and make getting a building permit as simple as possible. Our motto is “Simple Permits, Enabling Builders to Build”, so why not try us at Simple Permits.